I'm Joel and frontend development is my JAM(stack) 🤓

Ever since I discovered HTML, CSS and JavaScript I have been obsessed with learning more. Whether it's web performance or cool CSS animations, I've been trying to learn it all.

Along this journey I learned that I love to create and collaborate. Although my background mainly lies in frontend development I have a strong interest in design, marketing and entrepreneurship.

I spent the last few years exploring modern web technologies- what I like, what I don't like, and what works best for creating websites.

Today, I work at Microsoft as a Software Developer mainly working on UX. I am also a freelance web designer looking for opportunities so reach out if you're interested in collaborating.

First learned about web development

I took my first course at WWU and fell in love with web development. From then it's been a very long self-taught journey to where I am now.

Graduated from WWU

After much hard work and dedication I graduated from Western with a Bachelor's in Computer Science with an almost minor in Design.

Started my role at Microsoft

I got a job as a Software Developer at Microsoft. Super grateful for the opportunity and excited about my time here so far.