Things I've made that motivate me to continue learning.

I've worked on tons of projects over the years but these are the honorable mentions. If you see something that piques your interest, feel free to checkout the code and reach out if you have any questions or suggestions!

  • Designo- the premium (fictional) creative agency

    Responsive web design is key to any website and this project showcases my skills in doing this. Be sure to resize the browser window to see this!

    Designo Responsive Website

  • Outdated portfolio website

    My first attempt at my portfolio website! I wanted to include this incomplete project because it reminds me how much I've learned since then. If you're curious this was setup with GitHub Pages: a free way to host your website.

  • Frontend Mentor Challenges

    My collection of solutions for Frontend Mentor challenges! Had a blast solving them while learning new technologies and improving my skills.


    This very site is a recent project! I've integrated multiple parts of my portfolio to Contentful: headless CMS that makes it easy to update content.